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The story of Articulate.He was born in my shed unbeknowst to me. His mother was feral and yet she saw the special paw prints and came. I fed her twice daily as she was clearly hevily pregant - she was named Hissy and that was Ok.I could not go near here her to try to help her. I ensured she had food & water. She did not turn up for a couple of days. She came back, food & water again. This is 13 years ago. One day she paraded 4 kittens out from my shed. I did not know what had happened for her until then. I admired her babies and tussled with the feral claws of Articulate - he settled although always remained feral & independent in his own way. His mother and 2 kittens went missing. I cannot bear to think about what happpened. His brother joined our family although he was never meant to stay. I am so glad he has - the sweetest cat I will ever know. Initially they were allowed out to go and play until one night they did not come home. They arrived the following day, grotty but intact. I always thought they had been locked in a shed or garage or something. That was the end of their gallivanting. Indoor cats they became. Articulate never lost his independence and feral view of the world. Cuddles at times on his terms. His beautiful green eyes always shone. It is incredibly hard to say goodbye to him as he deteriorated, he spent the night in bed wrapped around my head. I know he was saying I love you.And as I said goodbye to him today I again said the same. 

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