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The story of Articulate Part III

Yesterday I knew that Articulate's time we me had concluded. I did everything I could think of to help him feel comfortale. He was curled up in a cat bed on a chair. I went to my private counselling practice & phoned for a vet appointment for euthanasia. The vet agreed to wait until I had completed my sessions. Once I said it, it became real & I cried. I cried & let the receptionist know. I provided 3 counselling sessions & that was all I could do, the others were rescheduled. I kept on crying, my drive home I do not recall. Articulate was still alive, unable to move. I patted and talked to him, he purred. I finally placed another towel around him & took him to the Vet in his bed. I could not shove him into a cat carrier. He cried all the way. We arrived. The Vet I see is wonderfully kind. Articulate and I were allowed time together privately, I held him and he cried with me. The Vet sedated him and allowed us some more time. I signed the form although I could not see through the tears. We went together & he was euthanised. He died while I held his head. He subequently vomited onto the floor, unigestable food. He gave a big sigh and the Vet let me know he had gone. I wrapped him in the towel and snuggled him back into his bed, curled up as he always liked to be. We came home. He rested on the chair that he had used. Somehow I eventually found his shroud and wrapped him. He looked so peaceful all cuddled up back in his bed. Last night I went to him, placed my hands on him and received an incredible gift. Articulate's spirit left whilst I was with him, it was red and then blue. I have willed him to be recieved by the Godess Hecate and to join Bast.I need to feel that he is safe and loved. 

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